Nathaniel Weaver

"Paradise is close at hand!"


Age: 12

High Concept: Messianic Child with a Plan
Nathaniel was the child of two rich noble parents that died in the war with the Eastern Imperium, and had to start living with a monastic order. It was there where he learned most of what he knows, and came to be a firm believer on the deities of the Kingdom. He was one of the first to look towards the mountains and wonder what would be behind them… And he was one of the first to begin organizing the journey through them once the caravan started becoming an idea. A poor fighter and survivalist, he still has the charisma and fanatical belief to keep morale high, and he decided long ago to not squander his gift, to prevent more deaths and wars from happening.

Trouble: Single-Track Mind
Perhaps he is a little too focused on his goal, because Nathaniel can often not see the forest for the trees: His mission is paramount, and everything else comes second. They are going to escape the Kingdom, the Imperium, and the war. They have to. They can’t affort not to. What could be more important than that?

Personal Aspect: Admire the World God Gave Us
As the sheltered and religious boy he is, Nathaniel is, for the first time, truly admiring nature, the wilds, and the world around him. To him, it’s a wonderful creation, truly the beauty that only The Radiant One could bring into the world, and he might be as willing to help exploring and to treat those not from his lands kindly, as he is to underestimate the dangers of the wilds and to blindly trust strangers. The world is beautiful, and nothing can go wrong in nature! Right?

Caravan Aspect: There’s Got to be a Promised Land!
Nathaniel didn’t just decide to help organize the caravan on a whim: The young boy has interpreted some of the scriptures in the monastery as a promise for the chosen people, a land where there shall be no pain or suffering, a land of pure happiness, if only they risk their lifes to find it. It was the fervor with which he explained this to the townsfolk that managed to convince many people to join the caravan, and it’s his firm belief that they will find it, and be free from war.

+4: Rapport
+3: Empathy, Leadership
+2: Academics, Resolve, Alertness
+1: Weapons, Investigation, Athletics, Mysteries

Stunt: [Leadership] Inspiration: Even though he is not much of a fighter, Nathaniel’s presence often inspires others to do the best they can. When creating an advantage with Leadership, an extra boost is created.

Stunt: [Academics] I learned about this!: A sheltered life is definitely not the same as learning from experience, but Nathaniel has read so many books from explorers and naturalists to have reached a decent amount of knowledge about nature… When he manages to remember them. Academics can be used instead of Survival for knowledge of nature.

Stunt: [Empathy] Mysteries of the soul: There is just something about Nathaniel that leaves most people in awe, something that shows that he is more than just a normal kid. Whenever Nathaniel uses Empathy to find out the aspects of someone in conversation, he also creates an “Awestruck” aspect on them.

Fate Points: 2 | Refresh: 2

Physical: [][]
Mental: [][][]



Nathaniel Weaver

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