Juliet Allington

Noble duelist and rule breaker


Born and raised in a bustling castle town during the War, Juliet only knew the high-class life. Earl Grey tea, fancy ceramic cups and pinky finger up. Always, always with the pinky up. Then, like a gift from heaven, she ran into a young Nathaniel. In the short visits when her parents paid their dues to the monastery, Juliet would sneak out and meet with him, once a month, for 8 years. Becoming fast friends, they shared their dreams with one another; his, full of hope… hers, full of rebellion. Who could possibly predict that the trip across the mountains would unite them both again? With her bonds broken, Juliet is now an Infamous Hellion.

Known Skills:
+2: Weapons, Resolve, Rapport
+1: Endurance, among other things

Superior Invincible Buddy Combo! – When fighting alongside Nathaniel, Juliet assists at +2 instead of +1.
En Garde! I’ll Let You Try My Wu-Tang Style!Boost to the wagon train’s POWER.


Juliet Allington

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