Trevor Gabranth - Demon Of Steel

Needs More Storage


Age: 23

High Concept: Foreign Weapon/Tactic Collecting Grand General

Trouble: Honor Obsessed

Personal Aspect: Twin Demon Generals Of The Empire

Wagon Aspect: The War Room

+4: Weapons
+3: Rapport, Resolve
+2: Alertness , Empathy, Leadership
+1: Endurance, Survival, Might , Investigation


Quick Flick – A fast draw from the sheath for surprise attacks and reactionary purposes. You can attack before rolling initiative.

Shinken Shobu – You may spend a FP to single out an enemy for an honor bound duel, they can only attack you for the duration of the combat encounter. They can make a resolve test 3 to break away if it is imperative that they do so.

War Games – Be they plays or over the top sparring sessions you always have something in mind to keep morale high. Rapport is used to govern these events and gains a +2 with assistance from Therese.

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Trevor Gabranth - Demon Of Steel

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