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The world is changing. A bloody war waged between the magic-wielding Western Kingdom and the firearm-pioneering Eastern Imperium, tearing up the countryside.
After some years, the war was brought to an unstable ceasefire when the West laid waste to an Eastern fishing village using a previously concealed magic superweapon now known as the Megaflare.

With the world quaking and crumbling under the weapon’s menacing might, many people sought refuge wherever they could… some begged to the gods with prayer and tribute, others fled the unstable calamity into neutral countries, even more hoped to appease the nations with songs of truce and peace.
But you.

You’re different.

You can see the light escaping past the Shivering Mountains.

Can you escape this war and stake yourselves a piece of paradise?

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Main Page

A Peace of the Pie GeeEm