Cool Cannon Carrying Cook


Age: 38

High Concept: Ex-Merc with Big Heart, Big Arms, Big Gun
For a number of years Roz worked as a cannon-for-hire, a merc known as The Bull, operating within the Eastern Imperium’s borders. It was a decent gig, despite some of the moral obstacles such work faced good-hearted people like Roz, but she always had the sense that she could be doing better, more important things elsewhere. Like many people she had just found herself stranded in this lot in life and didn’t see much chance in anything changing now. Then the Megaflare was dropped. Disillusioned with her work, Roz quietly decided to retire from the mercenary life, abandoning her homeland in favor of something better.

Trouble: Practical Solutions to Practically Every Problem
Working for so many years as a problem solver (and spurred on by company probably best left unkept), Roz has a very straightforward view on dealing with things. Someone mouthing off? Punch them. Something not working right? Hit it. Something in the way? Push through. Something can’t be fixed? Leave it. It’s not so bad when the problem is blunt and offensive, but for sensitive, delicate matters, well…she’s got about as much subtlety as a cannon.

Personal Aspect: Cannons and Cornbread
Even when Roz was sleeping four hours a night, due to being so busy with work, she still found time to cook; it was the calming activity she needed to unwind after a long, deafening day. Now that she’s got more free time she’s been thinking about honing that skill a bit more, perhaps learn a few more exotic tricks? For now, however, she’s a pretty solid chef, provided you’re okay with a very specialized menu of items: greasy, delicious, carb-loaded comfort food.

Caravan Aspect: The Real Housewives of Paradise
Having retired from her life of explosions and violence, Roz doesn’t have a whole lot left to focus on. Cooking. Keeping her wagon straight. Dealing with problems during the trip. But there is a plan, and that plan is all about the real end game: settling down. She’ll need a house, a steady source of income (maybe a restaurant? Yea. Yea, a restaurant!) and, maybe, if she meets the right person, a significant other to spend her time with. It’s a pretty crazy dream (at least she thinks so!), but…well, stranger things have happened.

+4: Guns
+3: Rapport, Might
+2: Survival, Empathy, Endurance
+1: Resolve, Leadership, Alertness, Academics

Collateral Damage – At the cost of a FATE point, Roz can inflict half-damage to an additional, adjacent target to her first.

Extra Gravy – As a CAA, Roz may use Rapport in place of Art, for the purpose of cooking tasty foods in which to bribe, boost the morale, or simply treat other creatures capable of eating human food. On a success she can place the [Well Fed] aspect onto her target, with one free invoke.

Where’s the Beef – Roz gets a +2 to Survival when used to find or track down animals suitable for eating. She needs to find the meat before she can cook it!!

Siege Bomba – Once per target, Roz’s cannon does two (2) extra Stress worth of damage to large creatures and structures. It’s what cannons were made for: fucking up big stuff!

Fate Points: 1 | Refresh: 1

Physical: [][][]
Mental: [][][]

Tiamat Cannon, Horned-Hat/Eyepatch, Cooking Utensils, Cannonball Carrying Case

Blessed Necklace of the Northern Nomad Gourmand – Upon activation, this item mentally informs you if whatever you’re looking at is edible. It also lets you know the preparation needed to make it edible.


  1. Cherry Petals
  2. Cherries
  3. Lightning Shrooms
  4. One Beetle
  5. Harpy Eggs


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