Lyndsea Elwes



Name: Lyndsea ‘Lyn’ Elwes

Age: 24

High Concept: Opportunistic Trade Baroness

The Western Empire’s affinity for magic and vast breadbasket farming communities make for a powerful, if conservative, nation. Eastern innovations were considered an affront to sensibilities at best, and witchcraft at worst until Lyn’s great grandfather Karl-Diets von Elwes discovered a method of importing Eastern industry and goods that didn’t risk him losing his head. Over the years, the Elwes family gradually established themselves financially, and eventually diplomatically, using their resulting monopoly on East to West trade routes. Lyn is the last in a long line of pseudo-nobility with heads for numbers and eyes for opportunity. Even up until the resulting devestation of the Megaflare, when the resources and power base of both nations was starting to wane, Lyn managed to find a way to make money.

Money and Influence go a long way, even in times like these. Doubly so if you have a large stock of Eastern blackpowder, and a map showing roads beyond the impassable mountains.

Trouble: Abhors Discomfort

Lyn is obsessed with guaranteeing her own personal comfort, to the point that potentially lucrative deals which would have necessitated staying in shabby or uncomfortable accommodations were passed up. Now, of course, the lure of the great beyond is too great for Lyn to pass up… but she’ll still prefer to hire someone to do the dirty or unpleasant jobs that she doesn’t want to do herself.

Personal Aspect: Realist, not an Idealist

Many folks are travelling far and wide to seek out better lives in the untamed wilderness beyond the borders of their nations… and they seem to be of the belief that those greener pastures will come easily, and that pretty soon they’ll have more land, food, and so on than they ever had before in their whole lives. Lyn is one of those people that believes that the only thing waiting for them on the other side of the mountains is a chance at a more difficult life. Still, that’s better than having no future at all, right?

Caravan Aspect: Pulling Out All The Stops

All the favors, loans, and promises that Lyn’s prestigious family have accrued over the course of the last hundred years or so have been cashed in all at once. The Caravan is going to be loaded to the brim with supplies of the highest quality, and the people going along with it are people of skill and talent… and their families. Whenever the quality of an item or a person’s skill are called into question, there’s a good bet that Lyn has brought along only the best.



Bonus Skills
+4 Academics
+3 Leadership, Empathy 
+2 Resolve, Rapport, Athletics 
+1 Deceit, Guns, Engineering, Sciences 

Stunts (Refresh 1) Effect
Deep Pockets (Extra) An extra stash of the finest brandy, most inspiring novels, most sensational clothes, and other immensely valuable luxuries has been stowed away as an additional part of the Caravan’s reserves. Once per game, Lyn may remove a single stress box from the Caravan’s Reserves to heal all stress (and/or one consequence) from the Morale stress track. This requires sharing the goods, however, so Lyn may need to be persuaded.
Aristocratic Charm (Rapport)  Good breeding and an extensive cultural and academic education have ensured that Lyn is exceptionally good company… provided you’re a part of the Upper Class. Lyn receives a +2 bonus to Rapport rolls made against individuals of high social standing.
The Pioneer’s Palace (Wagon)  The pride and joy of the Caravan is the Pioneer’s Palace. A double-decker wagon pulled by six oxen, boasting an unprecedented level of comfort and decadence. For all intents and purposes, it counts as two wagons, with the stipulation that only Lyn and those close to her may make use of it. 
Even Out Here… (<3) …Lyn can’t escape the advances of suitors. The chance to accept a great favor in exchange for her hand in marriage is the last trump card that Lyn has to play, even if the thought of it makes her stomach turn.

Fate Points: 1


Physical [ ] [ ]      
Consequences Mild Moderate Severe Extreme
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ]  
Consequences Mild Moderate Severe Extreme


  • A thick Accounting Log (the settlers are going to owe Lyn a great deal, naturally)
  • Fine Clothes
  • (Barely Used) Eastern Style Hunting Matchlock
  • Excessive Baggage



Lyndsea Elwes

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