Kasamira Sommerfeld



Age: 44

High Concept: Gentle Older Mage
Kas is a long-term practitioner of the magical arts, and although she had the potential to teach at an academy she chose a content life of looking after her daughter and peddling her magic to those in need. Even in these scary times she encourages people to smile and look forward to the future.

Trouble: Helpful (To A Fault)
Kasamira believes in the ideal of everyone benefiting from her magic, but she can sometimes forget to take care of herself while she’s taking card of everyone else.

Personal Aspect: First Do No Harm
Kas is a staunch pacifist, and vows to never use her magic to harm others.

Caravan Aspect: “Renata Suffers So…”
Her daughter is sick. She has been for a long time, but the condition is becoming worse and worse now. There are days when Renata doesn’t even see the light of day due to her terrible illness. This weighs heavily on Kasamira’s shoulders, and she keeps her daughter in mind in all decisions. Her only hope is a fountain that is rumoured to flow with water so pure that it can make a person feel as if they were reborn. If she can find it, she is sure that her daughter will be saved.

Bonus Skills
+4 Magic
+3 Empathy, Academic
+2 Rapport, Contacting, Sleight of Hand
+1 Investigation, Stealth, Drive, Athletics

Stashed Antidotes: Once per session, if the Supplies track would have stress added due to healing caravanners, the caravan can ignore that stress instead.

Wall of Swords: Pay a fate point to create a barrier or wall made of magical swords that cannot be safely moved through. This automatically creates a [Wall of Swords] Aspect attached to the current scene, with a free invoke for any player to use.

Redirect Projectile: Kasamira can create a small shield that redirects projectiles. She can defend against Magic and Ranged using her Magic skill.

Fate Points: 2 | Refresh: 2

Physical [ ] [ ]
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ]
Cons Mild Moderate Severe

Spell Book
Various Potions


Kasamira Sommerfeld

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