A Peace of the Pie

Caravan Log (Session 2)

After a rocky start to their journey, the travelers stop and regroup inside a cave, preparing their next move.

  • SUPPLIES: [X][][]()
  • MORALE: [X][][]()
  • RESERVE: [][][]
  • POWER: [X][][]()()
Caravan Log (Session 1)

The caravan heads North, into the Shivering Mountains. The travelers don’t know what awaits them.

  • SUPPLIES: [X][][]() Hit due to providing medicine; one-time only.
  • MORALE: [][][]() Genki desu yo!
  • RESERVE: [][][] Tight ship!
  • POWER: [][][]()() No guts, no glory.

After leaving Vanguard, the wagon train crossed the forest of pink leaves, picking up some cherry blossom petals for tea, and cherry-bombs for cooking, along the way. After coming upon a crossroad at the foot of the mountains, they stopped by an old log cabin for information, hearing about the plight of a curiously young geomancer and her ailing elderly father. Convincing the pair to come along with them with the promise of medicine and a bright future, the wagon train set off towards a series of caverns.
Briefly unsettled by a dark room with the potential threat of spirit wolves, the wagon train came to another stop. They ran into a very young spirit wolf (spirit pupper) who barked and growled at the party, until it didn’t, and instead ran towards the exit of the cavern. Following it, the caravan then ran into a kerfuffle between a trio of harpies and a pair of adult spirit wolves, and decided to break past them while taking potshots at the flying monsters on the way.
After taking down the mother bird, the caravan stopped at an ominous cave close to a harpy nest, requesting the help of the geomancer to see if they could get through this dead end. The answer… is yes.


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